Frequently asked questions


What is Splash your Mountain?

Splash your mountain is a pop-up waterslide of 500 metres that temporary covers the slope area of a mountain in the Alps. In this concept we always make use of a natural hill.

When does the event take place?

The event takes place in the summer months between May and September. Check the dates of several events on our website.

Do I need an inflatable tube?

Yes, you need an inflatable. You can bring your own or buy one at the check-in on the spot.

How do the timeslots work?

When you are buying a ticket, you have to select a timeslot in which you want to slide the waterslide. Within this timeslot you can slide an unlimited amount of times. So double check what timeslot you have selected when buying a ticket!

Do I need tickets to slide?

Yes, you need a ticket for the waterslide. Tickets can be bought at our website: Next to that, tickets can also be bought during the event in the check-in desk, if the timeslot isn’t sold out yet.

Is there a minimum age to participate?

All sliders should have a minimum age of 10 years old to participate. If your child is the required age, then consider if he/she is actually willing to slide. Splash your Mountain is still the steepest and longest pop-up waterslide of Europe.

What happens if it rains?

We continuously look at the weather expectations. The more water, the better..

I have bought a ticket, but I cannot participate anymore. Do I get a refund?

If you have bought a ticket and suddenly you cannot join Splash, you won’t be able to get a refund. But reselling your ticket is allowed.

Can I change my chosen timeslot?

It is not possible to change your timeslot after purchase of the ticket. But you can swap your ticket with someone else.

What happens if the event gets cancelled?

We don’t expect this to happen, but if Splash Your Mountain gets cancelled for any reason, you will get a refund of your tickets.

Are there special tickets for children?

There are no special prices for children. Everyone pays the same price for their tickets, but the ticketprice varies per edition and location. There are special prices for sponsors, groups and partners only.


I have a ticket, but where do I get my wristband?

At the event location there will be a check-in desk. Show your ticket to the staff, they will make sure you get the right wristband for your timeslot.

What do I wear?

Splash your Mountain is a waterslide. Water. Slide. So wear clothing that could get wet. Swimwear or anything you will find yourself comfortable in. But please, do not wear clothing with sharp edges or attributes to prevent damage to the track. Bring a towel and dry clothing!

What kind of shoes do I wear?

We advise you to wear watershoes or sneakers that can get wet. Don’t forget that there shouldn’t be any sharp edges on your shoes to prevent damage tot he waterslide. You can also go bare footed, but we don’t recommend, because you would have to walk back up after sliding from the waterslide.

Can I store my stuff somewhere safe?

Yes you can! We provide lockers where you can store your stuff for a small fee.

Can I bring my phone or camera to the track?

Yes, you may bring your phone and camera to the track. But on your own risk, because your stuff can get wet. By the way.. We would love to see your video’s and pictures on our social media!

Can I bring my actioncamera (GoPro)?

Of course! You can get some sweet footage on our waterslide. We advise you to use wrist-, chest- or headstraps instead of a selfiestick.

Can I buy drinks and food on the event area?

There are plenty of stands that provide food and drinks. Please relax, sit down and enjoy your food and drinks, only not on the waterslide itself of course. 😉

Where can I get dressed?

There is a small dressing room, but to prevent long queues and a overcrowded dressing room, we recommend that you already have your bathingsuit on.

Are there any toilets?

Yes. Free to use for all participants!

I have lost something during the event, what should I do?

All found object will be brought to the check-in desk. Did you lose anything? Please ask our staff there. Already at home? Please send an e-mail to


Can I slide if I’m pregnant or have other fysical issues?

We don’t recommend sliding if pregnant or if you have heart-, neck-, or backproblems.

Is Splash Your Mountain safe?

Because of the steepness you will reach high speeds, but we do everything to make the event as safe as possible. Safetymeasures we take are the following:
You can not bring any sharp object on the track
It is not allowed to slide together with someone else at the same time, slide one by one.
At the start and finish of the track there are plenty of staff members to make sure people don’t collide with each other.

Besides that: there is also a First-Aid station where participants could go when accidents happen.


I am afraid of water, can I participate?

Conquer your fears and just slide the biggest Waterslide of Europe! It is impossible to drown, but if you still think it is too scary, then you can always support your friends from the sideline.

I don’t want to slide, but I want to watch. Do I still have to pay?

If you don’t want to go of the waterslide you can still watch all the sliders having fun! You don’t have to pay for enjoying the view.

Can my friends and family come to watch?

Yes of course! They can take photo’s and video’s of you while they stand behind the fences around the track.

I would love to sponsor Splash Your Mountain, what should I do?

We are always open to consider new partnerships who could make our event better, bigger and more awesome! If you are interested click here to get in touch with us.

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